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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

  • Rate: 9.0/10 total 220,522 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Thriller
  • Release Date: 20 July 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 164 min
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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


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  • IMDb page: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
  • Rate: 9.0/10 total 220,522 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Thriller
  • Release Date: 20 July 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 164 min
  • Filming Location: Stage 30, Sony Pictures Studios – 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA
  • Budget: $250,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $552,245,972(Worldwide)(1 August 2012)
  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Stars: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway
  • Original Music By: Hans Zimmer   
  • Soundtrack: On Thin Ice
  • Sound Mix: SDDS | Datasat | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Police | Terrorist | Beating | Killer | Confidant

Writing Credits By:

  • Jonathan Nolan (screenplay) and
  • Christopher Nolan (screenplay)
  • Christopher Nolan (story) &
  • David S. Goyer (story)
  • Bob Kane (Batman characters)

Known Trivia

  • Christopher Nolan is the first director to complete a full trilogy of Batman films but the second to direct a full trilogy of films on one superhero (after Sam Raimi completed his Spider-Man films).
  • Christian Bale is the first live action actor to portray Batman/Bruce Wayne in three Batman films. Kevin Conroy has played the character in seven animated films as of 2011 (including Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker).
  • Cinematographer Wally Pfister has expressed interest in shooting the entirety of the film in the IMAX format, as both Pfister and Christopher Nolan have expressed distaste for shooting the film in 3-D. Ultimately, the film would feature approximately 50 minutes of IMAX footage, while the rest was shot in a combination of 35mm and 70mm, as IMAX cameras proved to be too noisy for shooting the films dialogue scenes.
  • Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Gemma Arterton, Kate Mara, Charlotte Riley and Keira Knightley all auditioned for the role of Selina Kyle. After the initial audition process, Hathaway, Biel and Knightley all screen tested. Ultimately, Anne Hathaway won the role.
  • Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz and Marion Cotillard were considered to play Miranda Tate before Cotillard finally got the role. Cotillard started filming 2 months after she gave birth to her son, Marcel.
  • Robin Williams was rumored to play the role of Hugo Strange.
  • There was much speculation in the press when Anne Hathaway was announced as Selina Kyle if the actress would actually portray Kyle’s costumed alter-ego, Catwoman. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey following her stint as host of the Academy Awards, Hathaway let slip that her character indeed would don the Catwoman costume.
  • According to Gary Oldman, Christopher Nolan told the actors the ending of the film verbally to avoid any leaks.
  • One of the reasons why Christopher Nolan cast Tom Hardy as Bane was because of his performance in the film RocknRolla. Hardy stated that he thought he was cast because of his role in Bronson. He arrived on set only to learn that Nolan has never even seen Bronson.
  • Around 10,000 extras were used to shoot the Gotham Rogues scene in Heinz Field in Pittburgh, Pennsylvania. Some of the Pittsburgh Steelers played football players: Hines Ward, Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, Willie Colon, Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, James Farrior, LaMarr Woodley, and Casey Hampton. Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher appears as the coach. Pittsburgh mayor Luke R. Ravenstahl plays a kicker. Thomas Tull, CEO of the film’s production company Legendary Pictures, is part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Goofs: Incorrectly regarded as goofs: In the airport scene where Selina Kyle is checking in across one of the passenger waiting rooms an aircraft tail fin with an easyJet logo is visible through the airport's glass panels. The scene was originally shot in London Stanted Aiport, Essex, U K. The airport is one of the bases for the low-cost British carrier easyJet. It's not unthinkable that an EasyJet plane had flown from Essex to Gotham with passengers and/or cargo.

Plot: Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy. Full summary »  »

Story: Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight, in which he took the rap for Dent's crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its police force which is struggling to cope with Bane's plans to destroy the city.Written by WellardRockard  


Synopsis: Summary: In the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman must face a foe unlike any he has ever faced. In The Dark Knight, Batman saved Gotham, but could not save himself. Taking the blame for Harvey Dent’s crimes, he was hunted by the Police, and thus had to leave the task of protecting Gotham in Gordon’s hands. After what seemed like ages, Gordon finally brought peace to Gotham, and it was enough to convince the Dark Knight that Gotham was safe and that Bruce Wayne need never put on the Batsuit again. However, eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, a new foe emerges, and threatens to destroy Gotham. When this masked foe Bane proves too much for Gordon to handle, Batman must break his 8-year exile and return to defeat Bane from fulfilling his devious plan and claim his rightful place as the true Savior of Gotham.

Synopsis: (alert: major spoilers in the end)The movie opens with some CIA agents escorting a nuclear scientist, Dr Pavel, and three hooded prisoners, on board a small military aircraft. On learning that the prisoners worked for a mercenary named Bane, the agent in charge of the operation is excited and begins interrogating the prisoners. However, one of the prisoners turns out to be Bane (Tom Hardy) himself, and getting arrested was part of his plan. Suddenly, the aircraft is overpowered by members of a criminal-paramilitary unit in a Hercules C130, from which several of Bane’s men climb into the smaller aircraft using ropes, killing the agents. Bane and his men then grab hold of Dr Pavel and improvise a blood transfer from Pavel to a corpse. They then cause the smaller plane to crash, taking him along with them in the larger aircraft.

The scene then cuts to Gotham, where Harvey Dent’s death anniversary is being celebrated as Dent Day. At a charity event hosted by the forever-absent Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) prepares to deliver a speech revealing the truth about Dent and the murders for which the Batman had taken the fall 8 years ago, but deciding that the time was not right, stuffs the speech into his jacket. Miranda Tate (Marion Cottilard), a wealthy investor, tries to meet the reclusive Bruce to get him to invest in her clean energy project, but is unable to meet him.

One of the maids working at the Wayne manor for the event is Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), a burglar, who breaks into Bruce’s room and his safe, stealing his mother’s pearls. Bruce, crippled in one leg, accosts her, but she attacks him and escapes. Bruce later realizes that she also took a copy of his fingerprints from the surface of the safe. A tracking device was also hidden in the pearls.

Selina then sells Bruce’s fingerprints to Dagget, (Ben Mendelsohn), an industrialist with a shady background, who tries to kill her but Selina smartly creates a diversion using a missing Congressman who’s actually been with her, causing the police to converge on the spot.

A dead teenager’s body washes out from the sewers, and his body is identified by police officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), as that of a kid staying at an orphanage where he coaches the kids in baseball. Blake is shown to have a very close relationship with the orphanage and the warden who runs it, and we realize later that he himself grew up in that orphanage, and it was being funded by the Wayne Foundation. One of the kids at the orphanage informs him that they have heard rumours of the sewers providing good employment recently, which makes Blake suspicious.

The sewers are in fact the hideout of Bane, who is in the employ of Dagget, and has built himself an army of faithful mercenaries. During a raid on the sewers, a couple of mercenaries overpower Commissioner Gordon and bring him to Bane, but Gordon manages to escape, shot by Bane’s men and grievously injured, but not before Bane seized from Gordon’s jacket the speech in which Gordon intended to reveal the truth about Harvey Dent and his murders. Bruce, wearing a ski mask and speaking as Batman, talks to Gordon, who tells him that Batman must return and stop Bane’s organization. Wayne decides to don his cape again and return to crime-fighting, despite being in a hopeless physical condition.While going through the records, Bruce learns that the mercenary Bane was once the member of the League of Shadows but was later excommunicated from the group.Owing to his decision of returning to Gotham as Batman he has a spat with Alfred (Michael Caine) who is afraid of the Batman losing, and Alfred leaves Bruce and the mansion for good after revealing the contents of Rachel’s farewell letter to Bruce, given to Alfred previous to her murder in The Dark Knight.

Bane and his men launch an ambitious daylight attack the Gotham stock exchange, taking everybody inside hostage and manipulating the Wayne Enterprises stock using Bruce’s fingerprints (stolen by Selina and sold to Dagget) causing the company to go bust financially. The hostage situation ends with the mercenaries getting away, but Batman enters the scene suddenly, causing the Gotham Police force to concentrate all their resources into arresting him. Deputy Commissioner Foley (Matthew Modine) is eager to arrest the alleged murderer of Harvey Dent, and after a prolonged chase, Batman is cornered into a dark alley. Batman escapes from the alley in The Bat, a futuristic flying version of the Batmobile built by Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).

To avoid the company shutting down, Bruce and Fox take Miranda to the fusion reactor designed by Dr Pavel, to convince her to invest in the project. This reactor was originally intended as a weapon, but Fox and Miranda intend to use it for generating clean free energy for the entire city. The reactor is hidden in a chamber underneath the river so that it could be flooded for containment in emergencies. Furious with the fact that he can no longer acquire the Wayne Enterprises, Dagget corners Bane apportioning blame for his failure. Bane kills Dagget proclaiming himself in charge of the city after revealing that it was his architecture machinery that he required to build the sophisticated underground sewers and to accomplish his future plans that he complied with Dagget’s orders.

Meanwhile, Selina is afraid of Bane and the havoc he’s planning to unleash, and to protect herself from him, deceives Batman into following her into the sewers, where he is cornered by Bane. A lengthy battle of hand-to-hand combat breaks between the two, and eventually Bane overpowers the Batman, and breaks his backbone by smashing him down bodily on his knee. Moments later, Bane’s men blow out the ceiling of the sewers, giving them access Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences division.

After the fight, Selina attempts to leave Gotham, but is spotted and tracked down by Blake. The conversation then turns to Bane, wherein Selina hints at his brutality, and his fight against Batman. She is then arrested, and placed in Blackgate prison.

Bruce Wayne is then dumped into a foreign prison, still in pain from the fight. The prison sits at the bottom of a deep chasm, with the only way in or out through the open-air ceiling. Bane tells Bruce that he intends to kill his soul first, and his body only later. This prison was where Bane was rumoured to be born, and it is notorious as a "Hell on Earth", from which nobody has managed to escape. However, one of the doctors tells Bruce that it was said that a child had managed to escape.

The child was born of a Mercenary, who fell in love with a Warlord’s daughter. The Mercenary was to be sentenced to life in the prison, but the daughter made a deal with her father to free him and instead ended up a prisoner there herself. One day a riot broke out in the prison where she was raped and murdered, and her child escaped. Bruce concludes that the child must have been Bane.

While in his cell, Bruce sees several prisoners attempt to escape by using a rope, and climbing up the shaft towards the light, but fail to clear the final jump on to a ledge required to escape.

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, Blake has gotten ahold of files from Dagget, that shows his construction company engaging in activity around the city’s sewer systems. The entire Police Force (said to be on a ‘training exercise’ so as not to arouse suspicion), heads into the sewers to find Bane and his henchmen.

Blake tracks down one of the sights, and finds explosive chemicals. It is then he realizes that using Dagget’s construction crew, Bane has rigged numerous construction areas around the city with explosives!

However, John’s realization comes too late, as Bane detonates the explosives the beginning of a football match, causing the entire ground to cave in and collapse, and the tunnels to the sewer are sealed off! Gotham’s football stadium is powerless as Bane declares to the crowd that he’s now in charge of the city, and having taken control of the nuclear reactor, which he has turned into a bomb, murders Dr Pavel in front of the shocked audience, after telling them that Dr Pavel was the only man who could disarm the nuclear device. Bane also declares that he has left one citizen in charge of the detonator who would trigger the bomb in case of any sort of civil rebellion.

Simultaneously, all but one of the city’s bridges leading up to the city are destroyed by Bane’s explosives, trapping the entire population of the city inside. Bane threatens the government forces that should anybody try to enter or leave the city, he will detonate the nuclear weapon, thus forcing the government forces to guard the city and stop anybody from leaving. The lone bridge still intact is meant as a means to provide food and relief supplies to Gotham’s citizens.

Bane then proceeds to the prison where more than 1000 prisoners have been incarcerated as per the Dent Act, which gave enormous powers to the police. Here he reads out Gordon’s intended speech revealing the truth about Harvey, and declares the prisoners free, as the man who drew up the Dent Act himself was a murderer and a madman. The prisoners join Bane and together they enforce what Bane calls "martial law"; forcing the rich out of their homes, holding kangaroo courts (presided over by Johnathan Crane, aka, the Scarecrow) and offering them a choice: exile from Gotham or death by hanging. Exile means being forced to walk on the frozen river under the detonated bridges, where the ice threatens to crack and drown anyone making the crossing.

Detective Blake, meanwhile, with the help of the few policemen still remaining in the city, begin tracking three large military trucks, one of which carries the nuclear weapon. To avoid detection of the weapon, the three trucks are driven around the city continuously.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne, holed up in the prison, is watching the havoc in Gotham on a TV set in the prison. He gets the doctor there to crudely fix his vertebrae. Enduring the pain, Bruce hallucinates that he sees Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson). As the days wear on in the prison, Bruce’s anger builds, and he is determined to save Gotham. Rigorously training his body, he attempts to make the escape twice, but fails each time.

After the second attempt, Bruce questions how a child could have escaped, but he can’t. The doctor explains that if Bruce truly does not fear death, then there is no need for him to try to escape using the rope. Bruce realizes that was how the child escaped, and his third attempt without the rope succeeds!

Bruce returns to Gotham as Batman, and with the help of Selina, frees Miranda and Fox from Bane’s captivity, and saves Gordon and some of the policemen, who had been captured and were being forced to cross the frozen river. Fox reveals that trigger or no trigger, the nuclear device will detonate anyway within a few hours, and builds a signal jammer which can block the signals from the trigger.

With Blake’s help, Batman frees the police trapped in the sewers, who then march the streets and attack Bane’s army. A brutal combat ensues on the streets of Gotham. Meanwhile Batman fights Bane again, and has nearly defeated him, detaching some of the tubes on his mask that feed Bane his anesthetic, which weakens him greatly. However, as Batman tries to force Bane to reveal the location of the device to deactivate the bomb, Miranda suddenly stabs the Batman in the side.

It is then revealed that her real name is Talia, and that she was the child who had escaped from the Hell on Earth prison. Bane had been a prisoner there, and had become her protector. During the prison riot that claimed her mother’s life, Bane helped her to escape, but in the process was hurt severely. The prison doctor attempted to repair the damage, but his methods resulted in Bane needing anesthetics to constantly keep the pain at bay.

After she had escaped, Talia then tracked down her father: Ra’s Al Ghul. She convinces her father to rescue Bane, and both were trained within The League of Shadows. However, Ras Al Ghul realized that Bane was an extremist monster and hence he was excommunicated from the group. Talia’s intention is to take revenge on the Batman for killing her father, as well as finishing the mission of destroying Gotham for its greed that cost her father’s life. She then hits the trigger of the nuclear weapon, but Gordon has managed to fit the signal jammer on the weapon just in time. However, there are only eleven minutes left for the nuke to detonate. Selina, riding the Batpod, crashes into the lobby and blasts Bane with the Pod’s large cannon, killing the villain. Talia escapes, and takes control of the truck carrying the weapon, but eventually her escorts are all finished off in a prolonged chase sequence, with Selina riding the Batpod and Batman flying the Bat in the air, and attacking the convoy carrying the nuke. Talia’s truck goes off the road and crashes, fatally wounding her. In her last moments alive, she explains how her access to the reactor chamber allowed her to set a timer to flood it, preventing the weapon from being returned there. She soon dies believing she had finally completed her father’s work and avenged his death.

Lucius Fox soon escapes the flooding chamber and realizes there is no way of stabilizing the weapon. It is shown that the weapon cannot be deactivated in any way, and will detonate in a matter of minutes. Before deciding to fly the bomb out of Gotham. Batman explains that the Bat has no autopilot, and that he will need to fly the bomb out of Gotham Batman shares a kiss with Selina, before discreetly revealing to Gordon his true identity.

With not much time left, Batman attaches the bomb to the Bat, and flies it away from the city, and out over the bay. The citizens of Gotham watch awestruck as the weapon detonates on the horizon, and the mushroom-cloud balloons over the bay.

In the aftermath, the freed criminals are rounded up by Gotham’s Police Force.

A private funeral is held on the grounds of Wayne Manor for Bruce, by those who knew his true identity (including Gordon and Blake). Alfred sobs quietly, feeling that he let Bruce’s parents down by not protecting him.

Blake resigns from the Gotham Police, and explains to Gordon that the City will never really know who saved it. Gordon tells him that they will know that it was ‘The Batman’ who saved them. Also in tribute, a statue is erected in Batman’s memory.

In the aftermath of Bruce Wayne’s death, certain provisions are made. The majority of the estate is sold, with the money given to Alfred. Wayne Manor is given to the city of Gotham, as a place for orphaned boys to stay. Strangely, one of the Wayne family’s treasures (a string of pearls) cannot be located.

John Blake is surprised when he is also given a duffel bag as part of Bruce’s will. When presenting his I.D., the woman who checks it says he should go by his real first name as it appears on his I.D.: Robin.

Back in Applied Sciences, Lucius has several workers go over the Bat’s electronics in the underground storage area. Wanting to know what he could have done to get the autopilot functioning, he is surprised when the workers explain that the autopilot is functional, and the computer log shows that Bruce Wayne made the changes 6 months prior!

Up on the roof of Gotham’s Police Department, Gordon finds the once broken Bat signal (destroyed by him personally by the end of The Dark Knight) repaired.

Meanwhile, John Blake has opened the duffel bag, and finds a spelunking rope, and GPS coordinates. The information leads him to a waterfall (the entrance to the batcave). He makes his way past the waterfall, and into the cave, where his light attracts a flurry of bats.

In Florence, Italy, Alfred has returned to the same restaurant that he had visited during Bruce’s absence long ago. as he scans the room, he is surprised to see Bruce and Selina at a nearby table. a fleeting glance between both Alfred and Bruce, is enough to assure the other that each of them will be alright.

In the final shot, we see John walking over a pool of water. As he does so, his movement activates the black flooring containing the batsuit. John just stares around him as the flooring rises up.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Kevin De La Noy known as executive producer
  • Jordan Goldberg known as co-producer
  • Benjamin Melniker known as executive producer
  • Christopher Nolan known as producer
  • Charles Roven known as producer
  • Dileep Singh Rathore known as line producer: India
  • Emma Thomas known as producer
  • Thomas Tull known as executive producer
  • Michael E. Uslan known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Christian Bale known as Bruce Wayne
  • Gary Oldman known as Commissioner Gordon
  • Tom Hardy known as Bane
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt known as Blake
  • Anne Hathaway known as Selina
  • Marion Cotillard known as Miranda
  • Morgan Freeman known as Fox
  • Michael Caine known as Alfred
  • Matthew Modine known as Foley
  • Alon Aboutboul known as Dr. Pavel (as Alon Moni Aboutboul)
  • Ben Mendelsohn known as Daggett
  • Burn Gorman known as Stryver
  • Daniel Sunjata known as Captain Jones
  • Aidan Gillen known as CIA Op
  • Sam Kennard known as Special Ops Sergeant
  • Nestor Carbonell known as Mayor
  • Brett Cullen known as Congressman
  • Nick Julian known as Caterer
  • Miranda Nolan known as Maid #2
  • Claire Julien known as Maid #3
  • Reggie Lee known as Ross
  • Joseph Lyle Taylor known as DWP Man
  • Chris Ellis known as Fr. Reilly
  • Tyler Dean Flores known as Mark
  • Juno Temple known as Jen
  • Duane Henry known as SWAT in Dive Bar
  • James Harvey Ward known as SWAT in Alley
  • Gonzalo Menendez known as Cop in Manhole
  • Cameron Jack known as Sewer Thug #1
  • Lex Daniel known as Sewer Thug #2
  • Thomas Lennon known as Doctor
  • Trevor White known as Yuppie
  • Rob Brown known as Allen
  • Fredric Lehne known as Exchange Security Chief
  • Courtney Munch known as Female Security Guard
  • Chris Hill known as Paparazzi #1
  • Travis Guba known as Paparazzi #2
  • Jay Benedict known as Rich Twit
  • Will Estes known as Officer Simon Jansen
  • David Dayan Fisher known as Shoe Shine Man at GSE
  • Phillip James Griffith known as Sniper at Exchange (as P.J. Griffith)
  • Glen Powell known as Trader #1
  • Ben Cornish known as Trader #2
  • Russ Fega known as Trader #3
  • Andres Perez-Molina known as Valet at Museum
  • Brent Briscoe known as Veteran Cop
  • John Nolan known as Fredericks
  • Oliver Cotton known as 2 Star Air Force General
  • Mark Killeen known as Airport Cop
  • Sarah Goldberg known as Analyst #1
  • John Macmillan known as Analyst #2
  • Robert Wisdom known as Army Captain at Bridge
  • Ronnie Gene Blevins known as Cement Truck Driver
  • John Hollingworth known as CIA Analyst
  • Ian Bohen known as Cop with Gordon
  • Uri Gavriel known as Blind Prisoner
  • Noel Gugliemi known as Ex-Prisoner at River (as Noel G.)
  • Max Schuler known as Foley's Kid
  • Daina Griffith known as Foley's Wife
  • Hector Atreyu Ruiz known as Gangbanger
  • Patrick Cox known as Huge Inmate
  • Aramis Knight known as Kid with Apple
  • Josh Stewart known as Barsad
  • William Devane known as President
  • Harry Coles known as Younger Prison Child
  • Joey King known as Older Prison Child
  • Liam Neeson known as Ra's Al Ghul
  • Julie Mun known as Reporter at Stadium
  • Cillian Murphy known as Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow
  • David Gyasi known as Skinny Prisoner
  • Patrick Jordan known as Special Forces #2
  • Tom Conti known as Prisoner
  • Joshua Elijah Reese known as Mercenary at City Hall
  • Desmond Harrington known as Uniform
  • Mychael Bates known as Bomb Truck Driver
  • Rory Nolan known as Little Boy at Bridge
  • Tomas Arana known as Wayne's Lawyer
  • Peter Holden known as Applied Sciences Tech #1
  • David Monahan known as Applied Sciences Tech #2
  • Jillian Armenante known as Lawyer's Clerk
  • Aja Evans known as Greeter at Museum
  • Aldous Davidson known as Valet at Wayne Enterprises
  • Michael James Faradie known as Guard at Blackgate
  • Wade Williams known as Warden at Blackgate
  • Antwan Lewis known as Reporter at Wayne Enterprises
  • Jake Canuso known as Waiter in Florence Café
  • Josh Pence known as Young Ra's Al Ghul
  • India Wadsworth known as Warlord's Daughter
  • Kevin Kiely known as Thug #1 in Basement
  • Daniel Newman known as Thug #2 in Basement
  • Massi Furlan known as Janitor at GSE
  • Warren Brown known as Mercenary Security #1
  • Luke Rutherford known as Mercenary Security #2
  • Phillip Browne known as Mercenary Security #3
  • Christopher Judge known as Mercenary Security #4
  • Aldo Bigante known as 2nd Cop with Gordon
  • Charles Jackson Coyne known as Anthem Singer
  • Patrick Leahy known as Board Member #2
  • Todd Gearhart known as Uniform #2
  • Joseph M. Abbott known as Irish Street Thug (uncredited)
  • Isiah Adams known as Young Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • Lucia M. Aguirre known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Tony Alameda known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Chris Albright known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Charlie Alejandro known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Tony Amen known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • James Avise known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Grant Babbitt known as Angry Mobster / Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Fileena Bahris known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Russell Balogh known as Museum Ball Guest (uncredited)
  • David Nathie Barnes known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Joseph Basile known as Mercenary Soldier Protector (uncredited)
  • Tiffany Bell known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Brandon Blackwell known as S.W.A.T. Guy (uncredited)
  • James Blankenfeld known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Ryan C. Bogdewic known as Football Fan (uncredited)
  • Rick Bolander known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Kyle Patrick Brennan known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Corey Brown known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Graham Brown known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Star Bunner known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Steven Butros known as Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • Timothy Butts known as Gang member (uncredited)
  • John Cashin known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Scott Churchson known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Matt Cipro known as NYSE Day Trader (uncredited)
  • Ryan Clark known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Carl Clemons known as Banes's Henchmen (uncredited)
  • Willie Colon known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Daniel R Cooper known as NYSE Sercurity Guard (uncredited)
  • Bill Cowher known as Gotham Rogues Coach (uncredited)
  • Scot Cregan known as Gotham National Guard Soldier (uncredited)
  • Ruben Dario Cruz II known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Chris J. Cullen known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Michael Didriksson known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Marvin Duerkholz known as Logan (uncredited)
  • Gray Ellis known as SWAT (uncredited)
  • Jonn Faircrest known as Board Member (uncredited)
  • Steve Fantini known as Gotham Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Anthony Farraj known as Prisoner / Mob (uncredited)
  • Shawn Farrell known as Thug (uncredited)
  • John Farrer known as Older Upscale Person (uncredited)
  • James Farrior known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Frank Fata known as Prisoner / Thug (uncredited)
  • Susan Feldbusch known as Spectator / Fan (uncredited)
  • Luke Oscar Ford known as Party Attendant (uncredited)
  • Justin Fortmeier known as Gotham Rogues Supporter (uncredited)
  • Gary Gibbs known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Sophia Gilberto known as Young Woman (uncredited)
  • Gregory Gillaspie known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Christopher Bryan Gomez known as Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • Matthew Gooley known as Football Fan (uncredited)
  • Michael Grand known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Vito Grassi known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Ryan Green known as Gotham City Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Kevin Gurnari known as Mercenary Soldier (uncredited)
  • Casey Hampton known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Frank Hansen known as S.W.A.T. Bridge Sniper (uncredited)
  • Sam Harris known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Greg Hart known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Ed Heavey known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Quillian Hightower known as Day Trader (uncredited)
  • John W. Iwanonkiw known as Gotham Police Officer / Fan (uncredited)
  • Curtis Jermaine known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Edgar Jimz known as Gotham State SWAT Team (uncredited)
  • Stephen T. Johnson known as Reporter (uncredited)
  • Joe Kane known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • William Kania known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Tiffany Kemp known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • David Dustin Kenyon known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Sun Jae Kim known as Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • Sharyn Kmieciak known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Zackary Kresser known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Ilan Krigsfeld known as Gotham Bridge Thug (uncredited)
  • Alex Kruz known as Wall Street Broker (uncredited)
  • Shannon Lanier known as Gotham Rogue Fan (uncredited)
  • Joshua Lassman known as GSE Pit Boss (uncredited)
  • Robert Leckington known as Mob / Thug (uncredited)
  • Bryan Lee known as Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • LeJon known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Paul Jude Letersky known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Joe Lipari known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Silvia Lombardo known as Tourist (uncredited)
  • Jack Mahrt known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • John Mancini known as Soldier / Military Technical Advisor (uncredited)
  • Max Mangel known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Dan Marcus known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Jorge Mardel known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Catya Maré known as Female Cop (uncredited)
  • London May known as Court Room Thug (uncredited)
  • Mike J. McAllister known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Orion McCabe known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Sean P. McCarthy known as Football Fan (uncredited)
  • David Dale McCue known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Kyle McGrath known as Man in Crowd (uncredited)
  • Tiffany Sander McKenzie known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Randall Mcneal known as Wayne Security Guard (uncredited)
  • Allen Merritt known as Angry Mobster (uncredited)
  • Heath Miller known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Olan Montgomery known as Wayne Enterprises Security (uncredited)
  • Jeremy Moon known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Alex Moore known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Nial Nelson-Hopkins known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Shane Nolan known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Jackson Nunn known as Prisoner / Thug (uncredited)
  • Joseph O'Brien known as Gotham City News Cameraman (uncredited)
  • Shaun O'Donnell known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Michael O'Neill known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Michael Papajohn known as Prison Guard (uncredited)
  • Salomon Passariello known as Prisoner / Mob (uncredited)
  • Mark Perrone known as Doorman (uncredited)
  • Steve Perry known as Game Patron (uncredited)
  • Adam Piacente known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Ernest Pierce known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Kyle David Pierce known as Gotham Stock Trader (uncredited)
  • David Michael Plowman known as Gotham City Policeman (uncredited)
  • Troy Polamalu known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Maurkice Pouncey known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Michael Power known as Gotham Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Ryan Preimesberger known as Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • Diezel Ramos known as Prison Guard (uncredited)
  • Jake Ramos known as Gotham City Cop (uncredited)
  • James Rawlings known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Joseph Rittenhouse known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Shindo Ki Rodriguez known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Kirsten Roeters known as Doris in Black (uncredited)
  • Ben Roethlisberger known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Tyler Rumsey known as Construction Worker (uncredited)
  • Alan Saginian known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Eric Salazar known as Angry Thug (uncredited)
  • Greg Sammis known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Zachary Scheer known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Emily Schooley known as Hot Football Fan (uncredited)
  • Chris Sciacco known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Barak Shpiez known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Gary Sievers known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Aaron Smith known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Eric Smith known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Ken Spassione known as Thug Combatant (uncredited)
  • Blake Steigerwald known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Franz Strassmann known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Tom Struthers known as Sandwich Man (uncredited)
  • Kevin Tanski known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Sami Tesfay known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Matthew Thane known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Gualberto Del Toro known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Thomas Tull known as Gotham Rogues owner (uncredited)
  • Craig Usiak known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Chris Vaina known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Michelle Vezzani known as Gotham City Press (uncredited)
  • Barbara Vincent known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Mike Wallace known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Hines Ward known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Michael Watkins known as GPD Police Sergeant (uncredited)
  • Christopher Watts known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • James Werley known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Jase Whitaker known as Stockbroker – Gotham Stock Exchange (uncredited)
  • Lawrence Whitener known as Gothamite (Queensboro Bridge) (uncredited)
  • Nickolas Wiegand known as TV Cameraman (uncredited)
  • Jason Yee known as Mercenary Soldier (uncredited)
  • Mitchell Yee known as Gotham Prisoner / Male Mob Member / Thug (uncredited)
  • Maria Zambrana known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • John Zion known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Alex Ziwak known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Rafael Zubizarreta known as Bane Mercenary (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Luisa Abel known as makeup department head
  • Janice Alexander known as hair department head
  • Patricia Dehaney-Le May known as key hair stylist
  • Audrey Doyle known as makeup artist
  • Maggie Elliott known as crowd make up supervisor
  • Doug Fairall known as makeup artist
  • Souraya Hamdi known as makeup day player
  • Joe Hopker known as crowd hair supervisor: UK
  • Nancy Keslar known as hair stylist
  • Natasha Ladek known as wig maker
  • Sebastian Lochmann known as prosthetics sculptor
  • Sylvia Malangone Cappelli known as makeup day player
  • Roland Cory McCutcheon known as assistant hair stylist
  • Amy McHale known as hair stylist
  • Conor O'Sullivan known as prosthetic makeup artist
  • Liz Phillips known as crowd hair
  • Sangeet Prabhaker known as makeup day player
  • Hovette Stephanie known as hairstylist: dailies
  • Sinead Sweeney known as contact lens technician
  • Tristan Versluis known as makeup day player
  • Jay Wejebe known as key makeup artist
  • Julia Wilson known as crowd supervisor: UK
  • Karen Zanki known as hair stylist
  • Carol F. Doran known as facial hair maker (uncredited)
  • Henrik Svensson known as special makeup effects painter (uncredited)

Art Department:

  • Ted Altman known as set dresser
  • Tom Altobello known as assistant property master
  • Huw Arthur known as stand-by art director
  • Mychael Bates known as property master
  • Norman Beck known as carpenter
  • Guy Belegaud known as construction general foreman
  • Chris Bertholf known as painter
  • Andrew Booth known as computer graphics supervisor: UK
  • Mark Boucher known as set dressing gangboss
  • Anna Bregman known as assistant art director
  • Paul Bucciarelli known as props assistant/set dresser
  • Edgar Um Bucholtz known as plaster technician
  • Josh Burns known as trainee prop
  • Matthew Carraher known as stand-by props
  • Tom Castronovo known as art department assistant
  • Matthew Cavaliero known as assistant property master
  • Andy Challis known as stand-by rigger
  • Richard Cheal known as chargehand propmaker
  • Paul Cheesman known as props storeman
  • Gerald Cheney known as propmaker
  • David B. Clark known as paint gang boss
  • Katie Clinebelle known as props: New York
  • Emma Clough known as art department assistant
  • Daniel Cocuzzo known as construction grip
  • Scott Edward Collins known as set dresser
  • Matt Cooke known as props
  • Rachel Corbould known as petty cash buyer
  • Daniel J. Courchaine known as charge scenic artist: New York
  • Bryn Court known as concept sculptor
  • Brendon Crigler known as set dresser: Los Angeles
  • Craig T. Currie known as propmaker foreman
  • Bryce Cutler known as art department assistant: Pittsburgh
  • Bryce Cutler known as art department assistant
  • Jolene Elyse Dames known as painter
  • Jeno Dellicolli known as set dresser
  • Jonathan Downing known as assistant buyer
  • Sean Doyle known as set dresser
  • Patrick Dunn-Baker known as digital set designer: New Deal Studios
  • Alan Easley known as set dressing gangboss
  • Cassandra Eccles known as construction buyer: Pittsburgh
  • Jools Faiers known as graphic artist
  • Mariano Fernandez known as propmaker
  • Lily Fettis known as set decorating assistant
  • Kelsey Fowler known as property assistant
  • Karen Frick known as assistant set decorator
  • Lydia Fry known as junior draughtsman
  • Rob Garlow known as construction general supervisor
  • Thomas J. Garrigan known as property assistant
  • Philippe Gaulier known as concept artist: Double Negative VFX
  • Scott Getzinger known as property master: New York
  • Sean Ginevan known as leadman
  • Paul W. Gorfine known as camera scenic artist
  • Robert Greenfield III known as on-set dresser
  • Sam Greto known as key carpenter
  • Sean Haines known as set dresser
  • Gabriel Hardman known as storyboard artist
  • Matthew Harlow known as construction engineer
  • Paul J. Hayes known as construction manager
  • Jim Heastings known as set dresser
  • Michael A. Heath known as prop paperwork
  • Brock Helfer known as set dresser
  • Linda Herrera known as set dresser
  • Kevin Hummel known as assistant property master
  • Norm Johnson known as carpenter
  • Norm Johnson known as construction foreman
  • Gregory Jones known as key greens: Pittsburgh
  • Scott G. Jones known as set dresser
  • Robert W. Joseph known as assistant art director
  • Jason Kolowski known as set designer
  • Emily Kwong known as digital set designer: New Deal Studios
  • Tim R. Lafferty known as construction gangboss
  • Elinor Lee known as set decoration assistant: New York
  • Jenne Lee known as art department coordinator
  • Phillis Lehmer known as graphics
  • Andrew Leitch known as art pa
  • Richard Lepore known as greensman
  • Lauri Mancuso known as painter
  • Bobby Mara known as propmaker foreman
  • Perry Mateson known as art department assistant
  • Chris McBride known as digital playback supervisor: UK
  • Bryan McBrien known as greens foreman: Los Angeles
  • Jason McDonough known as set dresser
  • Ossie Merchant known as props
  • Sonny Merchant known as stand-by props
  • Micky Mills known as chargehand prop
  • Mitch Naber known as carpenter
  • Pippa Needs known as art department coordinator
  • Sophie Newman known as assistant set decorator
  • Jacob Niblett known as art department assistant
  • Timothy Oakley known as prop fabricator
  • Erin Ochi known as art department assistant
  • Julie Ochipinti known as set decorator: Los Angeles
  • Joe Ondrejko known as construction coordinator
  • Armann Ortega known as art department assistant
  • Leah Palen known as set decorating coordinator
  • Glen Pangione known as construction coordinator
  • Edward V. Pannozzo known as picture vehicle estimator
  • Amanda Pettett known as construction coordinator
  • Leah Pettis known as art department assistant: Pittsburgh
  • Brett Phillips known as lead modelmaker
  • Helen Player known as action prop buyer: UK
  • Laura Pliskin known as art department coordinator
  • Brandon A. Plonka known as first greensman
  • Jamie Rama known as illustrator
  • Dennis Richardson known as construction gangboss
  • Paul Robinson known as props
  • Jonathan Rose known as assistant set decorator: New York
  • Chris Rummel known as art department production assistant
  • Kyle Salvatore known as props
  • Matt Sazzman known as carpenter
  • David Schlesinger known as set decorator: New York
  • Zach Selter known as set dresser
  • Randy Severino known as set dresser
  • Mark Skversky known as set dressing foreman
  • Nicholas Spivak known as carpenter
  • Matt Stonish known as additional set dresser
  • Callum Strachan known as concept artist
  • Tom Strong known as carpenter
  • Tully Summers known as concept artist
  • Daniel Swingler known as draughtsman
  • William Thoms known as prop maker
  • Elizabeth Tomasetti known as scenic artist
  • Jason Torbett known as standby propman
  • Marisa Umsawasdi known as set dresser
  • Richard Van Den Bergh known as prop maker
  • Michael Vojvoda known as set dresser
  • Amanda Ward known as props painter
  • John Warner known as set dresser
  • Ryan Webb known as props
  • James Whelan known as on set dresser
  • Ian Whiteford known as greensman
  • Barry Wilkinson known as property master
  • Nick c Williams known as painter
  • Chris Withrow known as set dresser: Los Angeles
  • Travis Witkowski known as model shop assistant
  • Nicole Zaks known as set decoration buyer
  • Will Zullo known as set dressing production assistant: New York
  • David French known as sculptor (uncredited)




Production Companies:

  • Warner Bros. Pictures (presents)
  • DC Entertainment
  • Legendary Pictures
  • Syncopy

Other Companies:

  • Allan Padelford Camera Cars  camera equipment provided by (Biscuit Jr. Rig)
  • Allan Padelford Camera Cars  camera equipment provided by (Remote Drive System POD)
  • Allan Padelford Camera Cars  camera equipment provided by (MTV w Remote Drive System)
  • 2020 Casting  extras casting
  • 31st Street Studios  stage facilities
  • Air Lyndhurst Studios  music recorded at
  • Bender ET  safety equipment
  • Casting Collective  extras casting
  • Central City Studio  location services and facilities
  • Central City Studio  stage facilities
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera dollies
  • Chef Robért Catering  catering
  • Cinema Mechanics  grip and lighting equipment
  • De Lane Lea  ADR recording
  • Designer Wardrobe Trailers  wardrobe trailer
  • Digital Vortechs  Avid HD editing equipment provided by
  • Direct Tools & Fasteners  expendables
  • Dolby Laboratories  sound mix
  • Filmtools  expendables
  • Grip Works, The  grip and lighting equipment
  • Hertz Entertainment Services  equipment rentals
  • JP Studio Rental  grip truck
  • Kodak  filmstock supplied by
  • Mid America Cine Support  grip trix
  • Movie Lot, The  unit security
  • Performance Filmworks  Edge Crane System
  • Pictorvision  Eclipse aerial camera system
  • Reel Security  production security
  • Road Rebel  production travel
  • Salon  Avid HD editing equipment (UK)
  • Scarlet Letters  titles
  • Sony Classical  soundtrack
  • Technicolor  post-production
  • Translux  facilities
  • WaterTower Music  soundtrack


  • Roadshow Film Distributors (2012) (Australia) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment (2012) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. Pictures (2012) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (UK) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (Japan) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (Singapore) (theatrical)



Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Double Negative
  • New Deal Studios
  • Special Eye Effects (special effects contact lenses)

Visual Effects by:

  • Beverly Abbott known as visual effects coordinator
  • Kieran Ahern known as visual effects production assistant: UK
  • Zohaib Ahsan known as lighting technical director
  • Diccon Alexander known as digital matte painter: Double Negative
  • Kris Anderson known as digital compositor
  • Edward Andrews known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Tolga Ari known as visual effects: Double Negative
  • David August known as interactive creative director: OOOii
  • Jörg Baier known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Dan Bailey known as research and development: Double Negative
  • Keziah Bailey known as visual effects artist: Double Negative
  • Alexandre Bain known as roto artist
  • Adam Barnett known as technology support
  • Jamie Baxter known as opticals: Custom Film Effects
  • Yakov Baytler known as creature technical director
  • Robin Beard known as compositing supervisor: Double Negative
  • Pete Bebb known as visual effects supervisor: Double Negative
  • Michele Benigna known as senior compositor: Double Negative
  • Stephen Bennett known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Luke Bigley known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Brad Blackbourn known as previs supervisor
  • Zachary Bloom known as senior scanning and recording producer
  • Andy Borham known as visual effects first assistant camera: US Plate unit
  • Romain Bouvard known as digital compositor
  • James Braid known as technology: Double Negative
  • Xavier Breuil known as cloth technical director
  • Jason Brown known as visual effects
  • Matthew Bullock known as modeller: Double Negative
  • Amirah Busairi known as roto artist
  • Zac Campbell known as digital compositor
  • Keanan Cantrell known as look development artist
  • Helen Carr known as digital artist
  • Steve Casa known as digital scan lead
  • Fabio Cerrito known as effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Bahar Cetin known as digital compositor
  • Mike Chambers known as visual effects producer
  • Cori Chan known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Max Chan known as prep/paint artist: Double Negative
  • Vincent Chang known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Gak Gyu Choi known as modeller: double negative
  • Alasdair Colley known as research & development
  • Carlos Conceicao known as roto artist
  • Hal Couzens known as visual effects consultant
  • Craig Crane known as Lidar supervisor
  • Nick Dacey known as visual effects editor: Double Negative
  • Robert John Davies known as pipeline technical director
  • Graham Day known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Claudia Dehmel known as visual effects producer: Double Negative
  • Noah DePietro known as model maker
  • Ian Doss known as assistant data wrangler
  • Dominic Drane known as pipeline technical director
  • Daniel Duwe known as rotoscope artist: Double Negative
  • Matthew Eberle known as visual effects assistant data wrangler: Pittsburgh
  • Jonathan Faber known as model maker
  • Pedro Fernandes Santos known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Tito Fernandes known as postvis artist
  • Tito Fernandes known as previs artist
  • Antonella Ferrari known as visual effects line producer
  • Izzy Field known as visual effects set production assistant: UK
  • Igor Fiorentini known as digital compositor
  • Jay Fleming known as effects technical director
  • Julian Foddy known as cg supervisor: Double Negative
  • David Forsbrey known as match mover: double negative visual effects
  • Matt Foster known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Kimberly Fouche known as vfx pa (as Kim Fouche)
  • Jonathan Frammingham known as visual effects artist
  • Cosatti Francesco known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Paul J. Franklin known as visual effects supervisor (as Paul Franklin)
  • Federico Frassinelli known as visual effects artist: double negative
  • Mark Fry known as roto artist
  • Krzysztof Fus known as modeler: Double Negative
  • Krzysztof Fus known as modeller: Double Negative
  • Adam Gailey known as visual effects
  • Nathan Gardner known as roto artist: Double Negative
  • Coppin Geoffrey known as technical director: Double Negative
  • Sotiris Georghiou known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Clement Gerard known as generalist td: Double Negative
  • Storm Gezentsvey known as compositor
  • Ana Gomes known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Björn Gottwald known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • David Goubitz known as effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Joel Green known as CG sequence supervisor
  • Carl Guyenette known as visual effects artist
  • Faraz Hameed known as previs artist: Dneg
  • Raphael Hamm known as digital compositor
  • Raphael Hamm known as visual effects: Double Negative
  • Gareth Harbuz known as lead cloth effects technical director
  • Jeremy Hey known as digital compositor
  • Brent Heyning known as engineer
  • Rob Hodgson known as additional visual effects supervisor
  • Timothy Hodson known as model maker
  • Nicola Hoyle known as CG supervisor
  • Kevin Hudson known as digital effects artist
  • Praveen Ilangovan known as pipeline technical director
  • Nicholas Illingworth known as effects technical director: Double Negative (as Nik Illingworth)
  • Jeffrey Jasper known as digital effects supervisor: New Deal Studios
  • Adam Jhani-Stephens known as studio assistant
  • Neil Jianoran known as roto artist
  • Oliver Johnstone known as digital artist
  • John Kelly known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • Steven Anthony Khoury known as technical director: Double Negative
  • Alexander Kirk known as visual effects artist
  • Jennifer Kitching known as previs artist
  • Dorian Knapp known as animator: Double Negative
  • Jason Kolowski known as model maker
  • Duncan Kuah Boon Kwang known as technical director
  • Ju Hee Kwon known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Sabine Laimer known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Daniel Leatherdale known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Key Hyung Lee known as visual effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Jean-François Leroux known as digital compositor
  • Frederik Lillelund known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Tze Ken Lim known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • William Lin Jiahui known as digital artist
  • Katie Linahon known as production coordinator: New Deal Studios
  • Eleonor Lindvall known as rotoscoping
  • Flip Livingston known as assistant visual effects yellow color artist
  • Reuben Lloyd-Pack known as visual effects editor: Double Negative
  • Zachary Lo known as digital compositor
  • Andrew Lockley known as visual effects supervisor: Double Negative
  • Bret Lu known as generalist td
  • Alex James Macieira known as matchmover: double negative
  • Scott Macieira known as rotoscope artist
  • Garry Maddison known as colourist
  • Raj Mahendran known as technical support
  • Dean Mangion known as machmove artist: Double Negative
  • Sharon Marcussen known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Indah Maretha known as roto/paint artist
  • Jake Martin known as visual effects production assistant
  • Will Martindale known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Giovanni Mascherpa known as generalist td
  • Daniel Maskit known as cg effects artist
  • Kevin McTurk known as model maker: New Deal Studios
  • Antonio Meazzini known as digital compositor
  • Charlotte Merrill known as compositor
  • Steve Miller known as visual effects editor
  • Alexandre Millet known as look dev artist: Double Negative
  • Vladimir Minguillo known as modeler: Double Negative
  • Sangita Mistry known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Derrick Mitchell known as visual effects editor
  • Boman Modine known as visual effects production assistant
  • Jeremy Mooney-Somers known as matchmover
  • Fernanda Moreno known as CG artist
  • Katy Mummery known as visual effects coordinator: Double Negative
  • Tristan Myles known as compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative
  • Malcolm Neailey known as matchmove artist
  • Stuart Nelhams known as supervising visual effects editor: Double Negative
  • Sebastian Ness known as matchmove artist
  • Steve Newburn known as key model maker: New Deal Studios
  • Shi Hua Ng known as texture artist/look dev
  • Stella Ng known as matchmove artist
  • Stella Ng known as texture artist
  • Elaine Ormes known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • Elisavet Paneta known as roto/prep artist
  • Daniel Pastore known as technical director
  • Christopher Payne known as visual effects editor: Double Negative
  • Eloise Rachael Payne known as roto/prep artist: Double Negative
  • Robert D. Pearson known as effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Soeren Bendt Pedersen known as visual effects artist
  • Laurie Pellard known as studio: double negative
  • Victor Perez known as digital compositor
  • Fred Place known as lead senior compositor
  • Jason Pomerantz known as production supervisor: IMAX version
  • Kate Porter known as digital compositor
  • Gabriela Pruszkowska known as visual effects
  • Jacqui Purkess known as digital compositor
  • Amardeep Rattan known as pre-vis artist
  • Ben Record known as miniature effects
  • Richard R. Reed known as compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative
  • Sam Reed known as digital compositor
  • Max Rees known as visual effects coordinator
  • Tania Richard known as matte painter: Double Negative
  • Christy Richmond known as assistant visual effects editor
  • Laurent-Paul Robert known as visual effects
  • Gal Roiter known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Dale Rostron known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • Kayte Sabicer known as model maker
  • Gia Sadhwani known as visual effects artist
  • Matt Sadler known as matchmove supervisor: Double Negative
  • Thomas Salama known as paint/prep artist: Double Negative
  • Rhys Salcombe known as modeller: Double Negative
  • Matthew Salisbury known as matchmove supervisor: Double Negative
  • Olov Samuelsson known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Kevin San known as visual effects: Double Negative
  • Lui Sanchez-Fontillas known as rotoscope artist
  • Sabrina Scalfari known as visual effects line producer: Double Negative
  • Eduardo 'Lalo' Schmidek known as senior previs artist: Double Negative
  • David Schott known as roto/prep artist
  • Leona Sharkey known as CG artist: Double Negative
  • Jessica Clare Smith known as compositor
  • Dan Snape known as compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative
  • Richard Stay known as senior compositor: Double Negative
  • Katie Stetson known as visual effects coordinator
  • Mary Stroumpouli known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Yanti Suryati known as matchmove artist: double negative
  • Kain Suwannaphin known as visual effects artist: New Deal Studios
  • Michael Thingnes known as paint/prep artist: Double Negative
  • Lee Tibbetts known as technical director. Double Negative
  • Shahin Toosi known as look development/senior compositor: Double Negative
  • Oscar Tornincasa known as digital compositor
  • Jon Uriarte known as digital compositor
  • Collazo Versace known as digital compositor
  • Helga Victoria known as matchmover: Double Negative (as Helga Yeo)
  • Mark H. Weingartner known as visual effects director of photography
  • Amber Wilkins known as visual effects artist
  • Jeff Winkle known as assistant visual effects coordinator
  • Annie V. Wong known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Patrick Woo known as model technical director
  • Ryan John Woodward known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Sammy Wu known as roto artist
  • Perry Yap known as roto artist
  • Leanne Young known as visual effects coordinator: Double Negative
  • Farhad Yusufi known as matchmove artist: double negative
  • Luca Zappala known as senior visual effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Donna Dubuc-Curtis known as visual effects artist (uncredited)
  • Taz Lodder known as technology support manager: Double Negative (uncredited)
  • Fredrik Rönnvall known as systems administrator: Double Negative (uncredited)
  • Kat Tysoe known as studio: double negative (uncredited)

Release Date:

  • USA 16 July 2012 (New York City, New York) (premiere)
  • UK 18 July 2012 (London) (premiere)
  • Australia 19 July 2012
  • Hong Kong 19 July 2012
  • Malaysia 19 July 2012
  • New Zealand 19 July 2012
  • Philippines 19 July 2012
  • Singapore 19 July 2012
  • Taiwan 19 July 2012
  • Canada 20 July 2012
  • Denmark 20 July 2012
  • Finland 20 July 2012
  • India 20 July 2012
  • Indonesia 20 July 2012
  • Ireland 20 July 2012
  • Israel 20 July 2012
  • Netherlands 20 July 2012
  • Spain 20 July 2012
  • UK 20 July 2012
  • USA 20 July 2012
  • Belgium 25 July 2012
  • France 25 July 2012
  • Iceland 25 July 2012
  • Morocco 25 July 2012
  • Norway 25 July 2012
  • Sweden 25 July 2012
  • Switzerland 25 July 2012 (French speaking region)
  • Trinidad and Tobago 25 July 2012
  • Argentina 26 July 2012
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 26 July 2012
  • Cambodia 26 July 2012
  • Chile 26 July 2012
  • Croatia 26 July 2012
  • Georgia 26 July 2012
  • Germany 26 July 2012
  • Hungary 26 July 2012
  • Kazakhstan 26 July 2012
  • Peru 26 July 2012
  • Russia 26 July 2012
  • Serbia 26 July 2012
  • Slovenia 26 July 2012
  • Switzerland 26 July 2012 (German speaking region)
  • Ukraine 26 July 2012
  • Brazil 27 July 2012
  • Bulgaria 27 July 2012
  • Colombia 27 July 2012
  • Costa Rica 27 July 2012
  • Estonia 27 July 2012
  • Japan 27 July 2012
  • Latvia 27 July 2012
  • Lithuania 27 July 2012
  • Mexico 27 July 2012
  • Panama 27 July 2012
  • Paraguay 27 July 2012
  • Poland 27 July 2012
  • Republic of Macedonia 27 July 2012 (Skopje)
  • Romania 27 July 2012
  • South Africa 27 July 2012
  • Turkey 27 July 2012
  • Uruguay 27 July 2012
  • Venezuela 27 July 2012
  • Vietnam 27 July 2012
  • Portugal 2 August 2012
  • Armenia 10 August 2012
  • Lebanon 16 August 2012
  • United Arab Emirates 16 August 2012
  • United Arab Emirates 19 August 2012
  • Pakistan 20 August 2012
  • Greece 21 August 2012
  • Italy 29 August 2012
  • Switzerland 29 August 2012 (Italian speaking region)

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language



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  1. John from United States
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    Not being a huge fan of superhero movies, I didn't have muchexpectations for Batman Begins. However viewing the 2005 ChristopherNolan production, I was pleasantly shocked. Then after my hugeexpectations for, "The Dark Knight", Christopher Nolan blew myexpectations to the dust. Will the same happen with the 3rd and lastfilm, "The Dark Knight Rises"? Quite simply, Yes! My big expectationswere once again, blown away. What a production! This is a truecinematic experience, to behold. The movie exceeded my expectations interms of action, and entertainment. The editing, sound, score, visuals,direction and action are all top notch.

    The film contains a fine cast of talented actors. Christian Bale, ofcourse still makes is a great Batman. Michael Cain is fantastic, as healways is. He gives such a powerful performance, he really ought to beconsidered for an Oscar nomination. Tom Hardy as Bane is utterlyterrifying, at times, and completely ominous. Anne Hathaway asCatwoman/Selina Kyle is a scene stealer. She is completely engrossing.Everyone is so great, the dynamic scenes between the actors are so welldone, so well written, and so well directed. The Dark Knight Rises isis emotionally riveting and amazing to view.

    At a running time of almost 3 hours, the film never becomes dull, whichis pretty impressive. The movie's action sequences are spectacularlywell created and very intense. The dialogue between the character's areintelligent and highly believable. The movie's soundtrack is terrificand really exemplify's many of the movie's scenes. Extremely wellediting and sound use really develop many of the movie's action scenes,so it's not just explosions and visuals like in many other movies.Nolan creates a grand, dirty, engrossing world, and his actionsequences just hum.

    In conclusion, this film is a gorgeous reminder that great writing anddirection can enhance any movie-going experience, even superheromovies, which are usually thought of as mindless entertainment. I amwholly satisfied with Christopher Nolan's vision and thank all whoworked on this film for bringing such an intricate interpretation ofits very famous literary source. I cannot recommend this film anymorethan I have, I just have to say everyone and anyone should see it.10/10"

  2. Greg Pryor from New Zealand
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    Christopher Nolan has outdone himself with this one. At 3.30 in themorning, I was tired. Just getting out of it, I've never been so awake.

    Perhaps what set this film apart from his other films was that it had agenuine emotional heartbeat. I felt that this was a flaw of Nolan'sother films – the vision of emotion was there, but it was hollow. Inthis I bought it. I felt it, hero and villain alike.

    Christian Bale was typically brilliant as Batman, and I felt that BruceWayne was more heavily embraced in this final installment. Bale addedemotional depth to the character – a plot point that I think wentastray in The Dark Knight – picking up from the development made inBatman Begins.

    Tom Hardy as Bane was quite simply, terrifying. No longer a dunderhead"enforcer", but one of the criminal masterminds behind "Gotham'sReckoning", coupled with a physical dominance strong enough to sendshivers down your spine.

    Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle defied my expectations. Hands up who wasnot entirely convinced that that girl from the Princess Diaries couldhandle an intensely physical role like Catwoman. But here I am, hugelyimpressed. She added immeasurably to the value of the film.

    Marion Cotillard fulfilled the role of Miranda Tate admirably, though Isuspect this was the most underdeveloped character of the film – thoughafter watching, I can see why.

    The unsung hero of The Dark Knight Rises is Michael Caine as Alfred. Aheartfelt performance that helps drive the emotional content of thefilm, helping Nolan sell his most well-rounded film to date. Caine'sperformance in both presence and absence.

    Special mention goes to Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is consistentlyproving himself to be a big player in the Hollywood game. His role asofficer Blake felt like there could've been more, but it may just havecome all a bit much. It was a great performance, and Levitt sunk histeeth into role.

    If you can, go see this in IMAX. If any film was to sell the format toskeptics, The Dark Knight Rises would be IT. I'm happy Nolan stuck tohis guns and shot in 2D. 3D would have been unnecessary.

    I suppose at this point, I have to turn my focus on Nolan. If he everreads this… aspiring filmmaker to filmmaker, I've never been soenvious, jealous in all my life. It's a film that leaves mefloundering, wondering what I could possibly do to get anywhere nearthis ballpark. Well done. I think an Oscar Nomination is in order.

    From here, I'm not sure what to expect of the future. Does ourimagination carry us forward, or do the studios? Time will tell.


  3. Grey Gardens from United States
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    I had the honor of watching TDKR during a screening and was completelyblown away! Christopher Nolan's third film in his Batman trilogydoesn't disappoint. The movie is incredibly well made, its hugeproduction is quite breathtaking to view. This is a true cinematicexperience, to behold. The movie exceeded my expectations in terms ofaction, and entertainment. The movie's score high-lites many of itsincredible scenes, and at times, it takes your breath away.

    The film featured excellent performances, by all the cast. ChristianBale, as always is great as Batman. Anne Hathaway was completelyengrossing, she became "Catwoman", just like Michele Pfeiffer did,although their interpretations were very different, both were equallyeffective. Tom Hardy was the main villain "Bane" completely shatteredmy expectations. One of the best superhero movie villains, I've everseen. The terror caused by him, is completely believable and quitemenacing. Marlion Cotilliard, Michael Cane, Gary Oldman, and others alldid well in their respective roles. Now I know most will miss HeathLedger as the Joker.(I know I do) I hope people don't compare TomHardy's performance to Heath Ledger's, its completely unfair and thetwo characters are very different. Just read the comics.

    The colossal size of the film is a spectacle to behold, butsurprisingly you don't get lost with all the explosions and extravagantaction scenes, like in other films,(AKA Transformers, or POTC.) If onewere to gripe, and I suppose there will never be a film made that onecannot find a point at which to grip, it is painfully long running timehere. I found myself more worried about the pain in my posterior thanthe emotional final minutes after almost 3 hours that I had spent in acramped seat, but that's just how I am. However the ending is justfantastic, so emotional and bring the trilogy to a very satisfying end.

    Sorry if I'm being all fan-boyish and kissing this movie's behind, butI really admire it. It may not be among my personal favorites butgenerally this seems to be the movie event of this year. As a filmthough, this is amazing. A true lasting legacy in superhero storytelling and summer-blockbusters.

  4. MattTheMovieMan from Australia
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    I just came out of watching this movie about 30 minutes ago. It was amidnight screening, and it is now 3:50 in the morning. I couldn'tresist coming onto this website and telling everyone about theexperience.

    It was one of the greatest pieces of cinema I have ever seen. I'm notjust saying this as a normal audience member who enjoys a good movie ortwo, but I am saying this as a man who has experienced the delights ofhundreds of films. This movie was one of the best.

    This movie relishes in the emotional journey presented, in conjunctionwith the various characters whom you just want to see more and more anddevelop whatever connection with them as possible. I personally want topossess the awesomeness that is Bane. The soundtrack definitely adds avery special…edge, you could say, to the total film experience. The"Bane chant" is definitely one that will always pump you up afterwatching this movie.

    I could go on and on about how great this movie is, but I have limitedspace, and so will finish with this: This movie is absolutelyfantastic. You will not be disappointed should you see this film. I hadextremely high expectations and it delivered. While my optimisticapproach to judging this movie may stem from it being brand new andfresh after what feels like a long 4 years since The Dark Knight, thereis no denying that this movie will be one to remember for years tocome. People worrying about it being overshadowed by the Dark Knightneed not worry. This film delivers just as well.

  5. Akshit Markan from India
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    As this movie was the most awaited movie of the decade, I obviouslywanted to watch it as soon as possible. My friend won some contestonline and so, I got to watch it a few days earlier FOR FREE.

    The movie is everything you want it to be. The story is very well toldand there is enough of Nolan-kind twists. Tom Hardy has some powerfullines as Bane but the enhanced voice doesn't work at all. But, he stilldoes his character justice and performs to his full potential. For thefirst time in the trilogy, Batman wasn't the strongest. This gave achance to Christian Bale to show off his acting skills without the maskand he did a fine job. The veterans Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman andMichael Caine went about their job as if it was just another day at theoffice. But, a major surprise was Joseph Gordon-Levitt who portrays anordinary police officer and pulls of an unexpectedly awesomeperformance.

    The special effects, sound and action were out of the world. Nolanspent a lot of money and he made it visible in the movie. The movieconnects all the dots from the previous movies and provides a fittingend to the saga. Although, personally I liked The Dark Knight better.But, TDKR certainly came very close it.

    Finally, I would like to thank Christopher Nolan for portraying Batmanin a way no one ever thought was possible and for making one the besttrilogy of all time.

  6. Christopher Reid from Australia
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    The best thing about this movie is how satisfying it is. It doesn'tleave you frustrated or confused. You can't really complain that itdidn't explore certain ideas or follow through. By deciding to have anofficial ending to this trilogy's story, the themes surrounding Batmanare very fresh. We don't know where he'll end up. It's not the same oldthing about whether he can continue to be Batman or not, which wasalready getting repetitive in Spider-man 2. The conclusions are not asimportant as the feelings they invoke as they come about. Nolan isespecially good at capturing the complete tension of actually notknowing what will happen and deeply questioning what you *want* tohappen and why.

    This movie is bigger than the previous two, far more ambitious. Thereare no obvious annoying weaknesses that usually come with films ingeneral, especially blockbuster action movies. All of Nolan's movieshave deep psychological themes and this takes those in another newdirection. I thought Inception was hugely original and insightful aboutthe way people think. That level of abstraction and depth is present inthis film. Bane bursts into it, his reputation is quickly established.Nolan uses people's expectations and anticipation to the fullest. Weare left to wonder about what has happened in the 8 years since theevents of The Dark Knight. Why have the characters become the way theyare now?

    In the latter half, it does seem like the movie is trying to pull offso many different plot points and connections, but they all work. Thecast is very large and impressive. You don't see "good acting". You seefascinating characters. They're just playing their part in the grandstory that's being crafted. There are many unfamiliar faces but theyall have a strange, unique look to them. We often see a person's flawsand previous decisions coming back to haunt them. They find out thehard way what mistakes they have made. Where their limits are. Wherethey lose control.

    The score is almost tribal, very raw and energetic. You don't get muchchance to pay attention to it but many parts of the movie are poundingwith excitement. There are countless quotable lines and disturbingslices of dialogue. They cut deep. The Joker was a great character andthis is a very different movie but the themes are just as dark, onlyperhaps indirectly. Underneath, it's very sinister. Writing andefficiency appear to be among Nolan's greatest strengths. The story hasmany layers that interweave and apparently they came in under budget.

    Perhaps the most important thing about Catwoman is that she'scompletely believable. When she beats up men, you don't roll your eyes.She's feminine and powerful in her own way. She fits into the world andwe completely understand her motivations. She doesn't have a huge rolebut a very important one.

    I didn't find myself moved but maybe I'm too cynical. I was moreaffected psychologically. Curious about humanity and all the differentsides of it you see in this movie. It goes to many extremes. I felthumbled by my complete lack of life experience. What do I know aboutanything? How could I possibly understand half of the characters? Ihaven't been through anything or achieved anything compared to most ofthem. Michael Caine gets a bigger role this time. He was alwayscritical but this time he's very much the emotional core.

    I thought Christian Bale was overlooked in The Dark Knight especially.The movies hinge on him. Bruce Wayne's just a man but also incrediblyinspirational. Bale's famous for completely committing to his roles andit pays off. Tom Hardy is impressive as Bane but I suppose that's nosurprise. The rest of the leads are similarly awesome. There are manyreferences to the earlier films. Very few questions are leftunanswered. It's always nice when film-makers really think it throughand make an actual decision and get all the details right.

    So anyway, I'll miss Batman (since the trilogy has ended) but couldn'thave hoped for a better, more epic and sincere finale to his story.

  7. ernstthomas18 from United States
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    This film was perhaps the best film I've ever seen. I even forked upthe extra 40 dollars to see the entire trilogy in IMAX again on openingnight. This film was just amazing in every single aspect. The storyline was flawless, even leaving 'TDK' in shadows, it was simply bloodpumping, leaving you at the edge of your seat every single second. Thepacing was perfect for the story, it progressed the plot in such a wayfor you to be able to see all this writing presented magically. TheLegnth was 2 hours 45 minutes, and honestly, I wish it never ended. Iwouldn't mind seeing a 4 hour movie. Tom Hardy was able to executeemotion and intimidate the audience using just his eyes and forehead.Christian Bale simply gave the best performance he's ever done to date.Anne Hatheway has gotten a lot of complaints and misjudgments, she wasthe best Cat Woman to date, BY FAR. Joseph Gordan Levitt was justperfect for his role, and of course Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, andMorgan Freeman brought another great performance, as well as all theother actors. The special effects were breath taking, better than anyI've ever witnessed, including Avatar. Hans Zimmer brings another greatscore for the film, the best work he's done on the entire trilogy. Thisfilm will go in different directions then you will expect, and willleave you KNOWING that this is the best film of all. It beats out anyfilm I can think of in all aspects, and I have to say, it is probablymy favorite film to date. Please see this in IMAX because it is simplybreath taking. I've seen it in a regular theater also, and assure youthat the IMAX is worth it. The Dark Knight Rose.

  8. ammerender-singh from India
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    I came out with slight disappointment after watching DKR for I had hugeexpectations from Nolan after an exceptional TDK.

    I am huge fan of first two installment of Batman Trilogy and I likedDKR. It's a good movie but it could have been much better.

    So rather than discussing its merit, which are many, I am pointing outits shortcomings.

    It's the weaker than other movies of trilogy and simple reason being itlacks strong characters. DKR is all about storytelling – just likeNolan's Inception but not as efficient. And in doing so it fails whereBatman Begins and The Dark Knight had succeeded.

    Batman Begins was all about fear, doubt, self-realization andredemption where Bruce Wayne discovers his destiny as Batman. BB had astory arc which set background for main characters – Batman/ Wayne,Ra's al Ghul, Gordon (to some extent) and most importantly Gothom Cityand hence set stage for a fitting climax.

    The Dark Knight explores the theme of chaos, morality and beliefeffortlessly and establishes characters of Joker, Harvey Dent/Two Face,Rachel etc. so effortlessly that people choose to ignore even somemajor plot holes. Heath Ledger's interpretation of Joker was somesmerizing that it single handily carried TDK to path of greatness/critical acclaim.

    But Dark Knight Rises is all about story telling – efficient but notexceptional. Bane, Miranda Tate, John Blake, Peter Folly (DeputyCommissioner), Selina Kyle – characters are introduced but neverexplored/ expanded – they just start working on their part – just likecogs in the wheel. They are not so much part of the story itself butjust the agents which move the story forward.

    Bane's character is dull and single dimensional and do not evoke anyfear or awe. He's meticulous, intelligent and strong and this isestablished quickly in movie but after that he slumps into a justanother movie villain. Taila / Miranda character is never fullyexplored. Even Wayne/Batman is devoid of any emotions in this one andhe feels so sure of himself that I start wondering if it's the sameBatman that I saw in first two installments. Only new character whichhad some shades was that of Selina Kyle and Anne Hathaway did justiceto it. Add to that helplessness of Alfred portrayed superbly by Caine.Other actors are good but there's not much for them to do.

    There's no dilemma,doubt, love, choices, moral battles, hope, even nochaos/fear- things which make characters and plot interesting ( atleast for me) and which made Batman Begins and The Dark Knight reallygood movies. Even the theme of "Occupy Wallstreet" is very weak and atbest it's closer to London riots with its loot and arsoning. There'seven perfect order in Bane's revolution. Movie moves effortlessly fromone plot to another and to climax that it become at times predictable.

    But maybe Dark Knight Rises was supposed to be like that only and Nolanhad too much to deal with in 2.5 hours. And maybe that's the mainproblem with DKR – too much is going on in the story that it seemscrammed at times. And when there are too many characters and so manystory arcs and it's tough to do justice to characters and story tellingat the same time. And this is when you start looking for plot holes,slackness, predictability et al.

    —————–some spoilers———————–

    Such as Bane's plan –cement/explosive, Wayne- Miranda's romance, Blakeguessing Wayne's personality, Miranda-Talia twist, Batman doing Angels& Demons stunt,Batman's escape from death, Blake as Robin (LOL) andAlfred in last scene.

    ——————spoilers end ————————-

    All movies have a style which depends on story and its story teller.And there' no point of comparing different styles, say that ofStarwars, Godfather, Transformers or story tellers say Tarantino,Cameron etc. Whatever maybe the style, good movies play to itsstrengths – story/screenplay, characters, style, pace or all. Try torecall some good movies and think what you like the most.

    Dark Knight Rises have a good story but lacks strong characters andrelies Inception's style which incidentally differs from style of firsttwo installments of Batman Trilogy.

    And for me, soul of Nolan's Batman Series is its strong characters,their underlying emotions and a theme which is much deeper andmeaningful than all fight, gadgetry and style. And this is where DKRfails.


  9. theowlandthepussycat from United Kingdom
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    This movie will blow you away. Nolan has done it again; this time,better. A brilliant array of cinematic magic to bring an outstandingsuperhero to the big screen. I was fortunate to be able to attend anadvanced screening of this spectacular movie in IMAX. A must watch anda truly astonishing thrill in IMAX.The Dark Knight Rises is phenomenaland makes other superhero movies look like rubbish. Comparing thismovie to previous parts in the franchise – this particular film is of amuch greater level. The acting displays are superb and Bane's role isparticularly astonishing. Nolan has taken brilliance to a whole newlevel. A must watch for anyone. 10/10.

  10. Srikanth Raju from Fremont, California
    05 Aug 2012, 10:54 am

    I don't get what all the 10's are about. I don't see how this movie isa 10, or rather even an 8. There are so many plot holes, the charactersare so one dimensional, action sequences OK at best.

    Where do I even begin. Banes voice. I admit, I didn't get what he wassaying more than half the time, and even then I had to strain reallyhard. It was just awful. There were jokes about not understanding Balesgrowling, but this, this is something else. The movie would have beenbetter without him talking.

    Catwoman! Suddenly she feels remorse and becomes goody goody at theend, Oh the lord, this was about as predictable as rain inSeattle(very, if you're unsure).

    Talia, what a big face-palm. Might as well have made a movie when theBatman woke up from a dream at that point. Can the plot get ANY moreclichéd? Thanks for popping up the MAIN criminal at the end of themovie, who apparently had the hots for Batman.

    Batman, his screen time is mostly groaning and screaming and gettingbeaten around in boxing by Bane. He becomes a superior fighter byjumping across the ledge? I think that's not how the body works. Thereisn't any Batman stuff at all. Just punching and kicking. Muhammad Aliwould have been a better hero to fit that role (Yay, incoming dislikesfrom people who don't know who that is). Also, big copter no one canfind, yea right.

    Sheep followers wanting to get blown up. Ya, because getting evaporatedby a nuclear bomb is so awesome that every "mercenary" wants to do it.Oh, but they didn't know that they'd be blown up.

    All policemen going underground like a herd of cows because they wantto scout out the underground operations and therefore getting caught.Sigh.

    Big fight scenes. Police officers don't walk in formation with gunsagainst a bunch of mercenaries on higher ground and they all don'tstart shooting at point blank range. No. That's not how police work. Orany modern force with guns. That ONLY works in Lord of the Rings,because they had SWORDS! Who wrote this script?

    The other batman movies were good. The first one was great. The secondwas good too. This one is ridiculous. I don't know how people can be soblind to so many obvious flaws. Even with that, the best moments inthis film are…unimpressive. Did I go into the theater with highhopes. Not at all. I expected average, I was disappointed to not findeven that.

    Will be ever get another Prestige from these guys? I hope so.

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